Survey of Integrated and Non-Integrated Formulae on Suspended Sediment Load; Case Study: Soolegan River, North Karoon Basin, Iran


1 Ph.D. student in Watershed Management, Dept. of Natural resources, Sari University of Agric. & Natural Resources

2 Assistant Professor of Watershed Management Engineering , College of Natural Resources, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University


Predictions of suspended sediment load for Soolegan River, Iran using selected empirical equ-ations were made based on 355 data sets. Data include flow discharges from 3.11 m3/s to 43.81 m3/s, flow velocities from 0.22 m/s to 1.03 m/s, and flow depths from 0.5 to 1.03 m. Equations of Einstein (1950), Bagnold (1966), Toufalleti (1968), Brooks (1963), Chang-Simons-Richardson(1965),Lane-Kalinske (1941) are used in the evaluations. Selection was made based on the purpose of this paper, illustrating the performance of six suspended sedi-ment formulas in Soolegan River; the integrated formulae were also evaluated. Graphical comparisons of the calculated and measured transport rates are shown. The accuracy and re-liability of these formulas are verified. Results of the evaluations showed that Brooks had the best estimations while the same results for integrated formulae showed that Lane –kalinske and Bagnold estimated the suspended sediment discharges better than integrated and non-integrated ones.