Physical Modelling of Self-Aeration in a Cavitating Sudden PIPE Expansion Flow


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Iran


Sudden pipe expansions have been known as efficient hydraulic energy dissipaters for a long time. The complex phenomenon of flow separation and velocity discontinuity at the interface of incoming jet and the recirculation flow, results in intensive shear and tensile rupture of the fluid and the associated destructive phenomenon of cavitation. This paper focuses on aeration in sudden pipe expansion as a remedy to recover the effects of cavitation. The experimental setup consists of a sudden pipe expansion with an expansion to inflow diameter ratio of 3.675. Variation of air content ratio with respect to the Reynolds number and effect of air entrainment on time averaged velocity and pressure distribution is investigated. Finally a combination of sudden pipe expansion and aeration is recommended for energy dissipation at bottom outlets and tunnel spillways.