Experimental Investigation of Groin Placement On Minimizing River Bank Erosion


1 Assistant Professor, Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Research Institute in Tehran

2 M.Sc Candidate Department of Watershed Management, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran


River banks are exposed to bank erosion and destruction. One of the river engineering goals is to provide human life requirements and reduce river danger. So spreading extent of this phenomenon, whose risk and other important factors must be recognized. Using groins is one of the control ways that by accurate design and accurate performance, bank erosion control and field reclamation would be possible. In addition, groin placement has important effect on bank erosion control. The purposes of this research were to survey groin placement on river protection and reduce bank erosion by experimental model. Tests were done by 3 different intervals and 5 discharges. Results showed that in 30 cm with erodible stuff, groin reduced bank erosion, destruction in river bank protection was almost 24-55% and with 15-25 l/s of discharge, bank erosion reduction was about 16.6%. By adding groin at river bank the water surface changes, with increasing discharge water surface first decreases and then increases by adding discharge.