Operation of Multiple Reservoirs by utilization of Simulation Method for Analysis of System Dynamics


1 Assistant Professor

2 M.Sc.


In this paper the operation of multiple reservoirs by the utilization of analysis method of the system dynamics is considering and this analysis method is based on the feedback and object oriented events. 
The goal of this research is presentation of a new method by utilization of system dynamicity technique for simulation of the reservoir. 
This software is a product of Ventana Company and the environment of which is an object oriented 
The aforesaid model has been applied for the evaluation of system operation of the dam, increase of operation goals from mono purpose to multi purpose, prediction of procedure of changes of present existing uses of the reservoir, evaluation of inflows required for the new defined needs and the different operation policies have been studied along with the increase of water operation. 
The case study was made on the reservoir dam of Golpayegan, which is one of the elements for water transfer system from basin of Dez to Ghomrood. The model has been compared and calibrated based on the data on the exiting situation of the Golpayegan Dam. In this calibration, the existing needs are predicted based on time series of agricultural uses of the reservoir. 
At present, this dam only provides for down stream agricultural needs and in the scenarios presented, the capability of the existing reservoir at the Golpayegan dam has been evaluated for regulation of requirements of drinking, industry, and environment defined in the plan for water transfer from Dez to Ghomrood.