Calculating of Radiosonde Precipitable water using MODIS Satellite images in Goorganrood basin




Deficiency of atmospheric water vapor profile data is one of most important problems in the flood hazard researches for areas flooding such as Goorganrood basin, because of no radiosonde stations. With the aim of radiosonde data generation retrieved radiance MODIS data, after Geometric and radiometric corrections, on 21 and 8 august 2005 from MODIS-Level 1, In order to make spatial TPW maps of the basin, Near-IR-MODIS algorithm have been done using of absorption bands, including of 17,18 and19 bands to none absorption band, band 2, ratios. Finally with regarding to previous research a statistical relationship suggested for making of radiosonde water vapor data in Goorganrood basin using of MODIS data processing.