Empirical Relation for Prediction of Sediment-Trapping Coefficient in the Experimental Flume of the Stepped Slit Check Dams

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch, Iran

2 M.Sc of Hydraulic Structures , Civil Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch, Iran


Eroded sediments from catchment areas transport by streams and deposit in downstream less steep areas. Despite reducing the useful life of various hydraulic structures including reservoir dams, flood walls, and bridges, this phenomenon changes the main river hydraulic conditions and increases the flood prone farms in the riverbank area. Check dams are among the structures that can prevent form such phenomenon. In addition to the technical performance, hydraulic structures including dams can provide beautiful view in the areas that have the potential to attract tourists. Stepped Slit Check Dams are combination of stepped and slit check dams. The present study investigated the effects of slope, discharge, gradation type, and check dam geometry on the sediment-trapping coefficient of the dam. Finally, a relation for prediction of the sediment-trapping coefficient in the reservoir of Stepped Slit check dams was presented.